Meet the Team

Jonny Cosmo

Hi I’m Jonny Wright (@jonnycosmo_ on Instagram)! I always hated school; I’d skip classes, rebel, and could never comprehend why I had to go to any class aside from art class. I wanted to be a painter and go to art school. Luckily, a friend saw my potential, and all but forced me to go to beauty school. I started vocational beauty school in 2008, got my license in 2010, graduated from Aveda in 2011, and apprenticed for a year.

After four years of education, I now work behind the chair and run my grandma Ruby’s salon (est. 1957). Hair color makes my heart sing, especially the balance of artistry and science. I’m pretty anxious and introverted; working in the beauty industry is the first time I’ve felt like I belonged. The impact and positive influence we have is why I do it. I’m here today because of J Ladner Education; by surrounding yourself with passionate, educated, hardworking, and heartfelt stylists in your area, you’ll grow together and blossom to a limitless potential. (mic drop)

J Ladner

Fun Facts:

  • I snatch the wigs and slay the gigs.
  • I’m obsessed with giraffes.
  • I have a Pomeranian; her name is Angel Baby.
  • If you look unicorn up in the dictionary, you’ll see this image.
  • My favorite color is orange.
    I am addicted to Sour Patch Kids

Ali Romano

I’m Ali Romano, @ali_theartist on Instagram, and sometimes Roxie (alter ego) when the moment’s right. I’m an artist—in the form of a hair stylist, a dancer and a choreographer. I graduated from Aveda Institute, Columbus, apprenticed for Charles Penzone for a year, worked in various salons, and spent my early 20s comparing myself to others, trying to fit in. In 2016, I let my anxiety take over and had a “mental breakdown.” In 2017, I started a personal journey I called “25 & alive,” where I focused on my strengths, acknowledged my flaws, unleashed my uniqueness, and used my voice to share it with the world. In 2017, I met J Ladner. His beautiful soul has pushed me even more to speak my truth and quit caring about what other people think of me. I am an artist, a slob, girly and a tomboy, sarcastic, and independent and needy at the same time. I work at my own studio in Vandalia, Ohio. I’m in love with the hair industry, but even more passionate about helping others find and speak their own TRUTH!

Jake the Barber

Jake the Barber

I’m Jake Hunter, @Jake_thebarber1 on Instagram. I’m a barber out of Philadelphia, specializing in fades and beards. I apprenticed at Mens Club Barbershop and became licensed shortly after. I strongly believe the art of barbering and hairstyling saved my life and gave me a purpose. Years leading up to this I was what you might call a “bad kid.” But by becoming a barber and networking with other great barbers and stylists in the industry my life has drastically changed for the better. I have found myself and became who I have always been destined to be! I met J Ladner via Instagram, sent a DM and he called me immediately. We spoke for 10 minutes and set up a class. We are like fire & ice baby (Mr J Ladner voice) and the rest is history.