Grow With Your Tribe

We're all in this together.


Learn New Techniques

Receive the greatest stylist education available anywhere

  • Learn the method, product purpose, and science behind current coloring techniques and trends
  • Road map guests to save time
  • Deliver exceptional results in a realistic, salon-based time frame

Build Your Own Brand

Discover ways to promote yourself and create raving fans
  • Improve social media engagement
  • Learn techniques to capture the perfect photos and videos
  • Set your guests up for success
  • Exceed expectations within their beauty budget
  • Help guests speak our language

Slay Your Life

Get tools you can apply now to transform your life

  • Re-ignite your passion for Snatchin’ Wigs & Slayin’ Gigs
  • Develop the courage to charge your worth
  • Share your inner truth: a closed mouth never gets fed
  • Be each others accountability partner
  • Don’t Stop—Get It, Get It!
Upcoming Events
Sep 15

Austin, Texas – Boom Boom Boom Tour (2 Day Event)

September 15 @ 10:00 am - September 16 @ 2:00 pm CDT
$600.00 – $1000.00
Dolce Austin
3201 Bee Caves Rd #138
Austin TX 78746
United States



5 out of 5


I’ve had the opportunity to do hair across the entire country, and have realized that for as much as we are all different, we also have one thing in common: we all hope to be the best version of ourselves. As stylists, we wake up with the drive to change people’s lives. I’ve built my brand not only with a passion for hair, but for the guests that wear that hair everyday.

My goal is to share my story with you of how I built raving fans in different communities around the country, give you guidance in the art of road mapping to help your guests achieve their color dreams, and set a new standard for guests to speak our language.

Now is the time to invest in yourself with a brand that is truly about inclusion and celebrating our industry. We have to remember that there are enough heads to go around and being each other’s accountability partner is what is going to take our industry to the next level.

Thank you for being a tribe full of rebels with a beauty cause.


During each event, J and his team:

  • explain the method, product purpose, and science behind current coloring techniques and trends,
  • demonstrate how to deliver exceptional results in a realistic, salon-based time frame,
  • share tips and tricks to improve social media engagement,
  • step through guest road mapping to save time, deliver better consultations, meet or exceed guest expectations, and create raving fans,
  • load you up with swag
  • provide head sheets on trending techniques
  • delve deep into the emotional side of the industry–speak your truth and charge your worth
  • all while motivating stylists to Snatch Wigs & Slay Gigs
Don’t Stop—Get It, Get It
Head Sheet
10 Ways to Slay Your Life

Join J and The Hair Doctor with Mastermind


J Ladner (@itsmrjladner) and The Hair Doctor (@iamginabianca) have teamed up to offer a Mastermind group for people who want to grow and learn even more! If you are a stylist, salon owner, educator or entrepreneur and you can’t afford traditional coaching and classes – YOU NEED THIS MASTERMIND!

Packed with value, this closed Facebook group will take members through a monthly journey focusing on key areas of business! Ideal members are willing to share what’s working and not working for them so we can share and grow as a group.

What’s Included Every Month:
Each month we will have a focus to keep the group engaged (see curriculum below)

Monthly Challenge to keep the group accountable and give you a day by day goal for improvement

1 Mini Class (10-15 minutes) on the topic with actionable steps for you to execute

1 Monthly Technique Video w/ Voice Over Instruction (hair color, hair cutting, hair extensions)

Weekly LIVE Q+A that will be saved and accessible.

10% off all coaching, classes, and apparel using your special code

Unlimited group support with people just like you!

Monthly book club with discussion