Lash related services are one of the fastest growing areas of the beauty industry. With demand soaring, the market for eyelashes extensions is booming and is projected to reach more than $1.5 billion in the next five years in product alone.

My mission for this class is to give you confidence in the art lash extensions, looking past just placement, and understanding the why behind the whole process from start to finish.

With this class you will gain knowledge on:

  • consultations (why and how)

  • product selection

  • proper placement and removal 

  • lash mapping 

  • how to start and setup your new business 

  • how to market your new business and gain clients 

  • tools that allow for quicker product placement and salon reality pacing 

You will also work on a live model so you’ll be set up on a supported path to success in your journey as a lash artist!