Dear Dayton


Dear Dayton,
WOW! What a journey we have been on for the past 5 years! In 2013, we opened our doors having only livedin this city for two months. You all opened your arms and slowly we grew to the brand we are today!

As businesses grow and evolve you have to adjust to new opportunities that will take your brand to the next level!

Education is extremely important to me and the Join the Hair Journey®️ brand and the past few years I have been building a strong foundation on the importance of education.

Beginning the new year I will be stepping away from behind the chair in Dayton, OH to help my business grow to the next level. What I am so excited about is the success of my team and being able to focus on growing them! It’s extremely hard for me to be the best leader for them when I am fully booked behind the chair and have no time to develop their craft and give them my full attention.

Being a business owner isn’t easy and for the past couple years my brand needed me to be behind the chair to keep us moving and shaking! Now, it’s time to refocus. My team is brilliant and has a passion to create vivid and confident results for all of you! They are trained and lead by me and if you don’t work with them already,you will absolutely love them all!

What I want you to understand is that I am forever grateful for your dedication and support for me and the brand! We are nothing without you, and as I shiftmy focus to keeping my business running the way you are used to and developing new techniques that will elevate your experience, this is for you!

Additionally, I have an opportunity to travel the US helping other professionals grow, thrive, and become the best stylist they can be through my national tour and partnerships with amazing brands. This is 10 years in the making. This next step will allow me to be more available for my new education journey and I am so honored to get this experience! Each and every one of you has helped me have a voice and be able to share reality experiences from behind the chair. For that, I am forever grateful!

This may be a shock to some people and you may feel very upset, but I hope that you will still consider Salon J Ladner as your go to salon experience with my team. They are so talented and ready to continue our brand promise!

If you need more clarity or have questions please feel free to reach out to me and we can chat! This is to elevate my brand to the next level and give my team the love and support they need! It’s time to focus ON my business instead of living IN my business.

Paid But Never Bought


 🦄🔮 Speak UP or forever be a liar🦄🔮

Every week I’m going to try to dive deep into the truth about being a Beauty Influencer and the power you have in your hands.

Today let’s talk on Being HONEST and telling the truth. The last thing that I will be is a LIAR...ya feel me! 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️

This is a new beautiful world to me and I have to give it up to my business coach @passionsquared for inspiring me to write this post! Our industry is in the midst of changing and influences, in the big picture is a new way for business partnerships... for me at least!

I want to be the most authentic self for all of you and if you’ve been following me for awhile I think you will agree. If you’re just getting to know me I hope I do a good job at being 💯.

Heres a back story to WHY it’s important to be to stay focused on being PAID but never BOUGHT. I was a educator for a major brand. It was amazing and it developed me as the educator I am today. Even though I signed up for the educator position and went through the training, over time I felt like a liar and that I was bought because I didn’t truly believe in the brand, at my color bar I would hide other brands like I was a little kid sneaking snacks into my room late at night 😝😝.

That moment changed my life forever, I stepped away and stoped being focused on its one rand and promised to myself that icing forward whatever happens, doesn’t matter about the size of the check I will never be bought or represent a business that did not align with my brand promise! 

Being a beauty industry influencer now, I CHOOSE who I work with and make sure that I am in LOVE with the products and that the company that I partner with has the stylist best interest in mind! I know this truth because I lived this truth for a couple years! I dislike liars and brands who promise one thing and deliver the total opposite!

I am a paid sponsored influencer! So brands pay me and give me product, others just send me product and expect me to post about their amazing brand in my video content! What’s different about NOW is that I specifically CHOOSE my partnerships that are going to make YOU THE BEST STYLIST EVER. The companies developing the most badass products that help us elevate behind the chair.

Honesty is what you all deserve!! So I promise to always speak the truth on that! I am a paid sponsored artist for Oligo Pro I am forever grateful for this journey with Oligo Pro because not only do they have the best lightener in my opinion but they are so fucking nice and love the stylist behind the chair! Also, they are a family owned brand which is so epic!

I am a brand ambassador for Uberliss the best bonding system for me and they deliver the best outcome to ensure the hairs elasticity and the brand is super nice and they truly care about the industry!

I am a educator and a brand ambassador for Dream Cathers Hair the best hair extensions in the world! The owners are fierce and love making it exclusive to stylist and they understand the importance of education and certification to protect their brand image and that is extremely important to me as a independent educator!

Redken, I will release in January my new journey with them and I am fucking pumped to represent this badass brand who loves the stylist behind the chair and I choose Shades EQ always and forever! My relationship with them is a dream come true so brace for impact Jan 20!! That news will be lit af!

Why am I being so honest?!? Because it’s the right thing to do and I want YOU to know that I will never be bought and the brands I represent means so much to my beauty heart and I will always align with brands that had YOUR best interest in mind!!

Fellow beauty influencers... speak up!! 🦄🔮

All the love from the unicorn magician and this rebel with a beauty cause!

Glam Gift Guide 2018


Hey slaydies and gentlemen!

It’s that time of year! Do you have a diva on your shopping list who deserves the best? We’re ready to help! The products on this list are J Ladner tested and approved! Stick to the list and you’re guaranteed to slay the day on Christmas morning.

1) Blown Away ® Jetsetter Shampoo & Conditioner:Of course we recommend this! We wouldn’t produce less than the best! Packed with antioxidants and nutrients, our shampoo and conditioner will make your loved one want to shake out their mane. Marula and arganoils will help keep hair soft and nourished! It’s the perfect way to tell a friend “I love you even though your hair is damaged, but do better.”

2) @Maneivy Scrunchies:  They’re back, ladies! Give your 80s flashback an updated look! For the low-maintenance, long-haired beauty in your life grab these statement scrunchies as stocking stuffers!

3) Elevated Artist Shirts: If there’s a sassy stylist in your life, these are the perfect gift! For the colorist for whom color correction is an irresistible fetish, grab their “Color Corrections Turn Me On” tank! Just try to make them promise to wash between wears, or they’ll wear it every day!

4) Pure Cosmetics, Velvet Vixen Moonlight Highlight: For the guy or gal in your life that’s constantly glowing with the power of a million unicorns, this highlighter is the next level! It softens the appearance of skin while making you glow from the inside out!

5) Double Dare Bubbling Mask: We double dare you not to be delighted with how fun this mask is. We triple dog dare you not to try to keep it for yourself! Tiny carbonated bubbles stimulate and clean your skin, removing oils, sebum and dirt. We can’t think of someone this gift wouldn’t be good for!

Show your friends and family you care with a gift that screams self-care! Everyone can use a little more pampering!

Maximizing Holiday Sales


Hey slaydies and gentlemen,

Let’s get festive! The holiday season is here and I want to help you sleigh your sales. An important part of this time of year for stylists is maximizing your holiday sales. Whether it’s a full book, products flying off the shelves, or gift cards galore, these tips will have you skating towards success.


1. Map out your promotions for the season. Create a plan for when you’ll be running which promotion and what opportunities you want to take advantage of. Are you running sales around Christmas? Before? New Year’s Eve? Don’t overwhelm clients with promotions, but don’t miss out!

2. Email your clients when you have new promotions. What good is a promotion if no one knows about it?!These promotions will bring back old customers as well as new ones, so spread your sales far and wide!

3. Create a social media plan. Draw in new customers via Facebook and Instagram. Create a content calendar and carefully lay out your posts and graphics. If you take the time to strategize before you post, your feed will show you care.

4. Decorate! Make sure your clients feel the holiday spirit in your space. Making them feel happy, cozy, and welcome will help them remember to pick up holiday gifts while they’re with you. Planning a holiday retail display? Make sure it’s cohesive with the rest of your décor!

5. Create a guide for gift buyers. Giving people inspowill help even the most clueless gift-giver find the perfect thing to help a loved one slay all day! What’s your best dry shampoo for the lady on the go? Best hairspray for the girl who’s got better things to do than worry about her hair?

6. Sell those gift certificates! For people who want to give an experience, not a product, make sure you have that option.

We hope you’re ready to ring in the holidays via your cash register! Happy holidays, babes!

Stylist Integrity QUIZ


Hey slaydies and gentlemen!

Did you know your skills are only part of the battle? You could create the most gorgeous hair dreams in the world, but if you don’t have integrity as a stylist, who cares? The quiz below can help you discover if you’re delivering the results and the consistency that your guests WANT! Because this is all about what they need, not what we need.

1. If you finish a guest’s hair and you see a part that’s messed up, do you…

a. Tell them immediately and make it right

b. Show them it first, see if they notice, and then fix it

c. Cover it up, tell them it slays, and hurry them out

2. If a customer asks for a product suggestion, do you…

a. Tell them two or three and go over their merits

b. Show them one that you like and move on

c. Show them the most expensive one regardless

3. If a guest comes in and asks for a cut that would be bad for their face, do you…

a. Reset expectations and recommend a different cut

b. Say you probably shouldn’t, but give in if they disagree

c. Go ahead with the cut. It’s what they asked for.

4. If a guest comes in wanting to go from jet black to platinum blonde, do you…

a. Explain the process won’t always be pretty, the cost, and the steps they’ll need to take at home

b. Tell them it will be difficult but cover up some aspects

c. Just go ahead and let them deal with the orange-y hair later

5. If another stylist at your salon asks for help with a guest, do you…

a. Give them the help they need if you have a sec

b. Say someone else isn’t busy and ask them to ask that person

c. Tell them you’re way too busy. It isn’t your guest.

If you answered mostly a’s: Awesome! You’re killing it! Your guests can totally trust you.

If you answered mostly b’s: You’re on your way. There are some changes you can make to improve your stylist integrity.

If you answered mostly c’s: Honey! Get your life right! Our guests are our top priority and we need them to be able to trust us.

Post Election Self Care


Hey slaydies and gentlemen! The election has us feeling all kinds of ways. So much progress was made! Over 150 LGBTQ candidates were victorious in the midterms! But we’ve had some hard losses too. If politics is stressing you out, try these awesome tips to relax and practice self-care:

1. Make a change. Whether it’s your hair color or cut, a new plant in your home, or just a cute new outfit, a change can help you feel in control and fabulous.

2. Pamper yourself. Get a facial, take a bath with a new bath bomb, or go to your favorite restaurant! Focus on yourself and how you’re feeling and not the stress!

3. Hang with friends. Make sure to set parameters. No talking about politics tonight. Just catch up and support each other. Nothing is better at helping you forget your troubles than a night out with your BFFs!

4. Volunteer! If you’re worried that your vote didn’t matter, do something to remind you of how much of an impact you can make! Help clean up a local park, rake leaves for an elderly or disabled neighbor, volunteer at a soup kitchen. These things can help you feel empowered.

5. Start a new show or book. Give yourself something to be really excited about. May we suggest Schitt’s Creek? It’s on Netflix and it’s HILARIOUS! You can’t be upset while you watch it.

6. Download a mediation app. They can lead you through guided breathing, help you relax and stay grounded, or just play calming soundscapes to help you relax. We love Calm!

7. Exercise. Get those endorphins flowing! Yoga, spin classes, Pilates, lifting, a barre class? What have you been dying to try but never made the leap? Now’s the time!

Self-care is so important! You can’t help other people if you’ve drained yourself. Replenish! Focus on you! Whatever you need to do, keep pushing! If we stop pushing, we’ll lose all the progress we’ve made. If you feel like you can’t, reach out to your friends, your family, or us. We’re ready to keep fighting

5 Ways to Create Raving Fans

Hey slaydies and gentlemen! Today we’re talking about fans.


Wait, not that kind! How to turn guests into raving fans.Your fans are the key to your success. The happier they are, the more they’ll recommend you. The more they recommend you, the more of a reputation you can develop. Become the person everyone says will slay their life!

But that’s easier said than done. There are so many factors in turning a guest into a devotee.

1) Focus on your guest’s experience. What are you doing to make them feel extra special? Offer your guests something to drink. Make sure they have something to do while they’re processing. I recommend coloring books. They’re fun for everyone and keep the space creative! Take your time with them. Don’t rush or sacrifice quality for time.


2) Be honest with them! Does your guest want a cut that won’t flatter their face? A color that doesn’t go with their tone? Give them real advice. If you focus on giving guests what they need, and not what you need, they will leave your salon happier, more confident, and singing your praises.


3) Guests want consistency. Make a plan and try to stick to it. In every consultation, give your guests a road map. Let them know what to expect over their next three appointments. Their beauty budget needs to be respected and used to its fullest potential. Make sure they’re prepared for their hair journey.


4) Stop talking about yourself and start talking about them. Make your guests feel heard and appreciated. An open ear will help guests feel a connection with you. A bond with a guest can help inspire loyalty to your brand! Help to educate guests on the services as well. Understanding what you’re doing for them can not only help position you as the expert, but also help them communicate with you during future appointments. A guest who knows how to tell you what they want will be happier with the end result!


5) Give them true confidence! Our guests trust us to help make them feel amazing, inside and out. Empower and uplift them, not only about their appearance, but about their personalities, struggles, and successes. We’re in a unique position when guests talk to us about their lives. We have the ability to empower them! Don’t waste that.

Fans are your platform, your base, your word of mouth marketing, and your cheer squad. Shake their souls and they can help you rise to the top!

Why does my voice matter?



Hey slaydies and gentlemen! Welcome to my new blog. I’m excited to tell you all how to snatch wigs and slay gigs, but there are tons of bloggers out there. Why does my voice matter? Because I put in the work to make it matter.


I realized early in my career that my mission would be to be the voice for our industry. I set my mission on surrounding myself with the best and building my craft for this moment.

I have built my brand on being trustworthy. I won’t represent products I don’t believe in, so if I swear by it you can believe it will shake your soul.

I had a mentor who knew how to break me down and build me up at my first salon. He showed me as much as he could: how to run my chair, and then how to run his salon. Fresh out of school, Alan gave back to me, being the new generation stylist. I plan on doing the same.

This blog, along with my classes and videos, will be my way of reaching out and mentoring anyone I can. I want to help instill my two most important values: knowing your worth and living your truth.

Knowing your worth can lead to so many new opportunities. It’s what makes the magic flow. Don’t let yourself settle for something beneath you and don’t let others treat you poorly. Stand up for yourself. Go for your dream job. Say enough is enough and seize what you want.

I’m a man who wears fake nails, platforms shoes, and contour make up. I’m loud, proud, and HAPPY! And guess what! People notice. What you see is what you get! This is my truth. If you aren’t living your truth, you can’t accept yourself and be happy.

Lesson 1: Live your truth, love yourself, know your worth. I’m here to support you, and our industry.