Ali the Artist

I’m Ali Romano, Ali_TheArtist on Instagram, and sometimes Roxie (alter ego) when the moment’s right. I’m an artist—in the form of a hair stylist, a dancer and a choreographer. I graduated from Aveda Institute, Columbus, apprenticed for Charles Penzone for a year, worked in various salons, and spent my early 20s comparing myself to others, trying to fit in. In 2016, I let my anxiety take over and had a “mental breakdown.” In 2017, I started a personal journey I called “25 & alive,” where I focused on my strengths, acknowledged my flaws, unleashed my uniqueness, and used my voice to share it with the world. In 2017, I met J Ladner. His beautiful soul has pushed me even more to speak my truth and quit caring about what other people think of me. I am an artist, a slob, girly and a tomboy, sarcastic, and independent and needy at the same time. I work at my own studio in Vandalia, Ohio. I’m in love with the hair industry, but even more passionate about helping others find and speak their own TRUTH!