Stop the Scroll

Hey slaydies and gentlemen, 


Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Instagramwithout even really absorbing what you’re seeing? Well, the people you’re trying to attract through social media use it the SAME. WAY. YOU DO! 


The most important thing to do? Stop the scroll! You can create the most incredible, spectacular, mind-blowing, wig-snatching content, but if people scroll right past it, it’s wasted. So, how do you get people to stop, focus on your content, and love it? 


1) Focus on the face! I know it feels weird when the hair is the product, but people like seeing other people’s faces! Frame the photo to show how the hair accents the person’s face. Studies have shown that pictures with faces earn 38% more likes than pictures without! 
2) The first three seconds of your video are the MOST important. They’re so neglected, but they’re your call to attention. You have to grab people immediately to stop the scroll. Make it dynamic, unusual, exciting! Try to move around, show your personality, haveenergy!! Sis, we know you have it, share it with your followers! 
3) Think about your branding! Having something incredibly unique and all your own sets your content apart from everyone else’s. People will look for it!Defining your brand with a color, a shape, a sound, or a logo can add recognition and a reason for people to stop scrolling. Find your brand! 
4) Shake it up! Do different things! Post pictures, videos, collages, graphics, logos, gifs. Doing something different will make people notice you and see what you’re doing! 


Great content is hard to create. Don’t create it for nothing. Use care and attention to develop content that will hold people’s eyes and stop the scroll! Remember, snatch those wigs, slay those gigs, but don’t let those eyes roam!

2 thoughts on “Stop the Scroll”

  1. It worries me, cause I know a lady who was sued for putting her client face on the gram n fb, and I am still getting comfortable with this whole social media thing, but lysm Josh

    1. You of course should ask permission or have a agreement that the guests can sign. There are ways around it! It’s all in communication! Lysfm2

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