5 Ways to Keep 2019 on Track

Hey Slaydies and Gentlemen,

2019 is well under way, but are you slaying it? Slaying doesn’t just mean looking fierce every day. It’s all about snatching wigs and slaying gigs! This is your year to kick butt and take names! Here are our recommendations to take on the rest of 2019:

1. Take control of your career: Whether it’s fighting for the promotion you want, venturing out and starting your own business, or quitting the job that’s bringing you down and finding something new, 2019 is the year to find happiness in your work. No more working for the weekend!

2. Feed your brain: Keep learning! Take classes online, finish your degree, learn from experts! Use resources online to take free classes that interest you. Or sign up for my Unicorn Magic Hair Tour!

3. Prioritize “Me Time”: Banish stress and take time to focus on yourself. Try yoga or meditation to relax. Splurge on a new hairstyle or color to give you an injection of confidence. Set aside one evening a month to take yourself on a date.

4. Be healthy: Stick to those new year’s resolutions! Eat better, work out, drink more water! We’re here for a good time AND a long time.

5. Breathe new life into relationships: Spend more time building unique bonds with your kids by learning about their interests. Mark you calendar for time with your significant other. Create traditions with friends that you can do year after year!

I can’t wait to see how you’re slaying in 2019! Show this year you’re the boss!

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