Paid But Never Bought

 🦄🔮 Speak UP or forever be a liar🦄🔮

Every week I’m going to try to dive deep into the truth about being a Beauty Influencer and the power you have in your hands.

Today let’s talk on Being HONEST and telling the truth. The last thing that I will be is a LIAR…ya feel me! 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️

This is a new beautiful world to me and I have to give it up to my business coach @passionsquared for inspiring me to write this post! Our industry is in the midst of changing and influences, in the big picture is a new way for business partnerships… for me at least!

I want to be the most authentic self for all of you and if you’ve been following me for awhile I think you will agree. If you’re just getting to know me I hope I do a good job at being 💯.

Heres a back story to WHY it’s important to be to stay focused on being PAID but never BOUGHT. I was a educator for a major brand. It was amazing and it developed me as the educator I am today. Even though I signed up for the educator position and went through the training, over time I felt like a liar and that I was bought because I didn’t truly believe in the brand, at my color bar I would hide other brands like I was a little kid sneaking snacks into my room late at night 😝😝.

That moment changed my life forever, I stepped away and stoped being focused on its one rand and promised to myself that icing forward whatever happens, doesn’t matter about the size of the check I will never be bought or represent a business that did not align with my brand promise! 

Being a beauty industry influencer now, I CHOOSE who I work with and make sure that I am in LOVE with the products and that the company that I partner with has the stylist best interest in mind! I know this truth because I lived this truth for a couple years! I dislike liars and brands who promise one thing and deliver the total opposite!

I am a paid sponsored influencer! So brands pay me and give me product, others just send me product and expect me to post about their amazing brand in my video content! What’s different about NOW is that I specifically CHOOSE my partnerships that are going to make YOU THE BEST STYLIST EVER. The companies developing the most badass products that help us elevate behind the chair.

Honesty is what you all deserve!! So I promise to always speak the truth on that! I am a paid sponsored artist for Oligo Pro I am forever grateful for this journey with Oligo Pro because not only do they have the best lightener in my opinion but they are so fucking nice and love the stylist behind the chair! Also, they are a family owned brand which is so epic!

I am a brand ambassador for Uberliss the best bonding system for me and they deliver the best outcome to ensure the hairs elasticity and the brand is super nice and they truly care about the industry!

I am a educator and a brand ambassador for Dream Cathers Hair the best hair extensions in the world! The owners are fierce and love making it exclusive to stylist and they understand the importance of education and certification to protect their brand image and that is extremely important to me as a independent educator!

Redken, I will release in January my new journey with them and I am fucking pumped to represent this badass brand who loves the stylist behind the chair and I choose Shades EQ always and forever! My relationship with them is a dream come true so brace for impact Jan 20!! That news will be lit af!

Why am I being so honest?!? Because it’s the right thing to do and I want YOU to know that I will never be bought and the brands I represent means so much to my beauty heart and I will always align with brands that had YOUR best interest in mind!!

Fellow beauty influencers… speak up!! 🦄🔮

All the love from the unicorn magician and this rebel with a beauty cause!

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