Dear Dayton

Dear Dayton,
WOW! What a journey we have been on for the past 5 years! In 2013, we opened our doors having only livedin this city for two months. You all opened your arms and slowly we grew to the brand we are today!

As businesses grow and evolve you have to adjust to new opportunities that will take your brand to the next level.

Education is extremely important to me and the Join the Hair Journey®️ brand and the past few years I have been building a strong foundation on the importance of education.

Beginning the new year I will be stepping away from behind the chair in Dayton, OH to help my business grow to the next level. What I am so excited about is the success of my team and being able to focus on growing them! It’s extremely hard for me to be the best leader for them when I am fully booked behind the chair and have no time to develop their craft and give them my full attention.

Being a business owner isn’t easy and for the past couple years my brand needed me to be behind the chair to keep us moving and shaking! Now, it’s time to refocus. My team is brilliant and has a passion to create vivid and confident results for all of you! They are trained and lead by me and if you don’t work with them already,you will absolutely love them all!

What I want you to understand is that I am forever grateful for your dedication and support for me and the brand! We are nothing without you, and as I shiftmy focus to keeping my business running the way you are used to and developing new techniques that will elevate your experience, this is for you!

Additionally, I have an opportunity to travel the US helping other professionals grow, thrive, and become the best stylist they can be through my national tour and partnerships with amazing brands. This is 10 years in the making. This next step will allow me to be more available for my new education journey and I am so honored to get this experience! Each and every one of you has helped me have a voice and be able to share reality experiences from behind the chair. For that, I am forever grateful!

This may be a shock to some people and you may feel very upset, but I hope that you will still consider Salon J Ladner as your go to salon experience with my team. They are so talented and ready to continue our brand promise!

If you need more clarity or have questions please feel free to reach out to me and we can chat! This is to elevate my brand to the next level and give my team the love and support they need! It’s time to focus ON my business instead of living IN my business.

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