Stylist Integrity Quiz

Hey slaydies and gentlemen!

Did you know your skills are only part of the battle? You could create the most gorgeous hair dreams in the world, but if you don’t have integrity as a stylist, who cares? The quiz below can help you discover if you’re delivering the results and the consistency that your guests WANT! Because this is all about what they need, not what we need.

1. If you finish a guest’s hair and you see a part that’s messed up, do you…

a. Tell them immediately and make it right

b. Show them it first, see if they notice, and then fix it

c. Cover it up, tell them it slays, and hurry them out

2. If a customer asks for a product suggestion, do you…

a. Tell them two or three and go over their merits

b. Show them one that you like and move on

c. Show them the most expensive one regardless

3. If a guest comes in and asks for a cut that would be bad for their face, do you…

a. Reset expectations and recommend a different cut

b. Say you probably shouldn’t, but give in if they disagree

c. Go ahead with the cut. It’s what they asked for.

4. If a guest comes in wanting to go from jet black to platinum blonde, do you…

a. Explain the process won’t always be pretty, the cost, and the steps they’ll need to take at home

b. Tell them it will be difficult but cover up some aspects

c. Just go ahead and let them deal with the orange-y hair later

5. If another stylist at your salon asks for help with a guest, do you…

a. Give them the help they need if you have a sec

b. Say someone else isn’t busy and ask them to ask that person

c. Tell them you’re way too busy. It isn’t your guest.

If you answered mostly a’s: Awesome! You’re killing it! Your guests can totally trust you.

If you answered mostly b’s: You’re on your way. There are some changes you can make to improve your stylist integrity.

If you answered mostly c’s: Honey! Get your life right! Our guests are our top priority and we need them to be able to trust us.

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