Post Election Self Care

Hey slaydies and gentlemen! The election has us feeling all kinds of ways. So much progress was made! Over 150 LGBTQ candidates were victorious in the midterms! But we’ve had some hard losses too. If politics is stressing you out, try these awesome tips to relax and practice self-care:

1. Make a change. Whether it’s your hair color or cut, a new plant in your home, or just a cute new outfit, a change can help you feel in control and fabulous.

2. Pamper yourself. Get a facial, take a bath with a new bath bomb, or go to your favorite restaurant! Focus on yourself and how you’re feeling and not the stress!

3. Hang with friends. Make sure to set parameters. No talking about politics tonight. Just catch up and support each other. Nothing is better at helping you forget your troubles than a night out with your BFFs!

4. Volunteer! If you’re worried that your vote didn’t matter, do something to remind you of how much of an impact you can make! Help clean up a local park, rake leaves for an elderly or disabled neighbor, volunteer at a soup kitchen. These things can help you feel empowered.

5. Start a new show or book. Give yourself something to be really excited about. May we suggest Schitt’s Creek? It’s on Netflix and it’s HILARIOUS! You can’t be upset while you watch it.

6. Download a mediation app. They can lead you through guided breathing, help you relax and stay grounded, or just play calming soundscapes to help you relax. We love Calm!

7. Exercise. Get those endorphins flowing! Yoga, spin classes, Pilates, lifting, a barre class? What have you been dying to try but never made the leap? Now’s the time!

Self-care is so important! You can’t help other people if you’ve drained yourself. Replenish! Focus on you! Whatever you need to do, keep pushing! If we stop pushing, we’ll lose all the progress we’ve made. If you feel like you can’t, reach out to your friends, your family, or us. We’re ready to keep fighting

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