Maximizing Holiday Sales

Hey slaydies and gentlemen,

Let’s get festive! The holiday season is here and I want to help you sleigh your sales. An important part of this time of year for stylists is maximizing your holiday sales. Whether it’s a full book, products flying off the shelves, or gift cards galore, these tips will have you skating towards success.

1. Map out your promotions for the season. Create a plan for when you’ll be running which promotion and what opportunities you want to take advantage of. Are you running sales around Christmas? Before? New Year’s Eve? Don’t overwhelm clients with promotions, but don’t miss out!

2. Email your clients when you have new promotions. What good is a promotion if no one knows about it?!These promotions will bring back old customers as well as new ones, so spread your sales far and wide!

3. Create a social media plan. Draw in new customers via Facebook and Instagram. Create a content calendar and carefully lay out your posts and graphics. If you take the time to strategize before you post, your feed will show you care.

4. Decorate! Make sure your clients feel the holiday spirit in your space. Making them feel happy, cozy, and welcome will help them remember to pick up holiday gifts while they’re with you. Planning a holiday retail display? Make sure it’s cohesive with the rest of your décor!

5. Create a guide for gift buyers. Giving people inspowill help even the most clueless gift-giver find the perfect thing to help a loved one slay all day! What’s your best dry shampoo for the lady on the go? Best hairspray for the girl who’s got better things to do than worry about her hair?

6. Sell those gift certificates! For people who want to give an experience, not a product, make sure you have that option.

We hope you’re ready to ring in the holidays via your cash register! Happy holidays, babes!

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