5 Ways to Create Raving Fans

Hey slaydies and gentlemen! Today we’re talking about fans.

Wait, not that kind! How to turn guests into raving fans.Your fans are the key to your success. The happier they are, the more they’ll recommend you. The more they recommend you, the more of a reputation you can develop. Become the person everyone says will slay their life!

But that’s easier said than done. There are so many factors in turning a guest into a devotee.

1) Focus on your guest’s experience. What are you doing to make them feel extra special? Offer your guests something to drink. Make sure they have something to do while they’re processing. I recommend coloring books. They’re fun for everyone and keep the space creative! Take your time with them. Don’t rush or sacrifice quality for time.

2) Be honest with them! Does your guest want a cut that won’t flatter their face? A color that doesn’t go with their tone? Give them real advice. If you focus on giving guests what they need, and not what you need, they will leave your salon happier, more confident, and singing your praises.

3) Guests want consistency. Make a plan and try to stick to it. In every consultation, give your guests a road map. Let them know what to expect over their next three appointments. Their beauty budget needs to be respected and used to its fullest potential. Make sure they’re prepared for their hair journey.

4) Stop talking about yourself and start talking about them. Make your guests feel heard and appreciated. An open ear will help guests feel a connection with you. A bond with a guest can help inspire loyalty to your brand! Help to educate guests on the services as well. Understanding what you’re doing for them can not only help position you as the expert, but also help them communicate with you during future appointments. A guest who knows how to tell you what they want will be happier with the end result!

5) Give them true confidence! Our guests trust us to help make them feel amazing, inside and out. Empower and uplift them, not only about their appearance, but about their personalities, struggles, and successes. We’re in a unique position when guests talk to us about their lives. We have the ability to empower them! Don’t waste that.

Fans are your platform, your base, your word of mouth marketing, and your cheer squad. Shake their souls and they can help you rise to the top!

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