Why Does My Voice Matter

Hey slaydies and gentlemen! Welcome to my new blog. I’m excited to tell you all how to snatch wigs and slay gigs, but there are tons of bloggers out there. Why does my voice matter? Because I put in the work to make it matter.

I realized early in my career that my mission would be to be the voice for our industry. I set my mission on surrounding myself with the best and building my craft for this moment.

I have built my brand on being trustworthy. I won’t represent products I don’t believe in, so if I swear by it you can believe it will shake your soul.

I had a mentor who knew how to break me down and build me up at my first salon. He showed me as much as he could: how to run my chair, and then how to run his salon. Fresh out of school, Alan gave back to me, being the new generation stylist. I plan on doing the same.

This blog, along with my classes and videos, will be my way of reaching out and mentoring anyone I can. I want to help instill my two most important values: knowing your worth and living your truth.

Knowing your worth can lead to so many new opportunities. It’s what makes the magic flow. Don’t let yourself settle for something beneath you and don’t let others treat you poorly. Stand up for yourself. Go for your dream job. Say enough is enough and seize what you want.

I’m a man who wears fake nails, platforms shoes, and contour make up. I’m loud, proud, and HAPPY! And guess what! People notice. What you see is what you get! This is my truth. If you aren’t living your truth, you can’t accept yourself and be happy.

Lesson 1: Live your truth, love yourself, know your worth. I’m here to support you, and our industry.

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