Blending Balayage


Blending Balayage


BLENDING BALAYAGE is a in salon education class for salons to elevate their craft and confidence.

When hosting a class the ticket price is $100 per stylist with a minimum of 10 tickets sold for each hosted salon.

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Blending Balayage

$100 per stylist (MINIMUM OF 10 TICKETS SOLD)


BLEND. One of the most sought after color applications in the beuaty industry right now!

We will be focusing on taking a LIVED IN (grown out) Balayage and transitioning back to a seamless blend. Using MICROBLENDING foiling, babylights, and balayage all the create a seamless melt.

My mission for Blending Balayage is to give you the confidence in the art of looking past just placement and understanding to WHY behind the whole process from start to finish.

With this class you will gain knowledge on

-consultations (why and how)

-product selection

-proper mixing

-road mapping color placement (sectioning)

-creative toning for seamless blend

-unlimited opportunities for high contrast color results

This will allow you to raise your skill level as well as you service price.

Tools that allow for quicker product placement and salon reality pacing.